2011 John Deere 7530 Premium in SPALDING

Manufacturer Year

2011 John Deere 7530, autoquad eco 40k, TLS, cab suspension, 3 x scv, D63C air seat, passenger seat, HMS, Continental 20.8R42 - 16.9R30, 6067hrs, Rear Tires: Singles, 24F/24R AutoQuad Plus Transmission with Creeper 50 km/h (31 mph), Single 17.8 cm (7 in.) CommandCenter Display, No ISOBUS Ready / GreenStar Ready, 4100 Processor, Premium Air Seat, Mirrors - Manual Telescopic with Wide Angle, Panorama Windshield with Left-Hand B-Post, Premium Radio, Hydraulic Pump - 114 L/min, 3 Mechanical Selective Control Valves (SCV) - Premium, Rear PTO - 540/540E/1000 - for Flange Axle, Draft Links with Hook End - Category 3N, Centre Link with Hook End - Category 3, Stabiliser Bars - Automatic Plus Retainer, Flanged-Type Rear Axle, 2-Position steel wheels, Rear Wheels 520/70R38, Rear and Front Tire Brand - Mitas, 4WD front axle - TLS Plus with brakes, 2-Position steel wheels, Front Wheels 420/70R28, Front Fenders for Mechanical Front-Wheel Drive (MFWD) - Turnable, Fender Extension, One-Piece Side and Rear Extension, iTEC - Headland Management System, Immobilizer, Data Tag Identification System, Additional Oil Reservoir, Pick-Up Hitch with Hook and Dedicated Electrohydraulic Valve, Drawbar Insert for Pick-Up Hitch - Category 2, Lift Link Adjustment - lefthand and righthand, Beacon Light, Light package - Premium, Alternator 14V / 240A, Battery 12V / 174A, Pneumatic Trailer Brake System 2-line, Hydraulic Trailer Brake System, Front base weight - 110 kg

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