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Kubota RTV-X1140 4WD Utility Vehicle RTV-X1140 in SUTTON COLDFIELD


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The new RTVX1140 offers exceptional versatility, power and all year round capability. Carrying up to 4 guns (plus dogs) comfortably, the RTV-X1140 is designed to work on the toughest terrains. Kubota RTVx1140 has a powerful 3 cylinder 24.8HP engine combined with Kubota’s unique variable hydro transmission delivers excellent acceleration, optimum traction and unrivalled hill control. Whether it’s carrying guns to hauling heavy loads, the Kubota RTV-X1140 provides a flexible choice, converting simply in 3 easy steps to access a full cargo bed capacity. Full cabs available The headline feature of the Kubota RTVX1140 is Kubota's K-vertible system. This allows you to easily adjust the sides of the cargo bed, re-position it, and move the protective screen and bench seat, with these three simple steps adding an extra row of seating. Just reverse this to remove the seats and enlarge the cargo bed. In its largest configuration, the hydraulic dump bed can carry an impressive 0.54 m3 of damp sand, gravel, turf or anything you can think of. An easy-to-operate lever activates the hydraulic lift, which works in both the 2 and 4 person configuration. We are KUBOTA MAIN AGENTS

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