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The DG II from the Kverneland range of trailed seed drills offers perfect seeding technology. Decades of engineering experience of the Kverneland Pneumatic Distribution System are built into the new DG II. The Kverneland DG II as the trailed version of the modular seed drill is ideally suited for modern large-scale farm businesses. With working widths of 9 or 12m and a hopper capacity of 6,000l, its performance is unequalled. Up to 140 ha in one day! The DG II combines high performance technology with maximum ease of use. The machine’s clear layout and the high level of intelligent technology incorporated offer the user maximum ease of use, from set-up and filling, to transport and the seeding operation. The Kverneland DG II guarantees tailor-made seeding operations for all types of crop. Seed placement is optimised regardless of soil quality and the type of cultivation, whilst compaction of the soil is minimised. Advantages: High performance Superior  seed depth control Strong frame design for stability and reliability State of the art seeding technology with ELDOS and CD coulter Active on – always the correct pressure Compact on the road in transport position Easy accessible for setting and maintenance Model DG II 9000 DG II 12 000 Working Width (m) 9.00 12.00 Transport Width (m) 3.00 3.00 Transport Length (m) 8.20 8.20 No. of coulters 72 96 Row distance (cm) 12.5 12.5   Please click the link above to download the latest brochure. 

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