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Stubble Cultivator CLC  pro The CLC pro has been especially designed to work with the most powerful tractors. With 240HP maximum for 3.00m and up to 350HP for the 5.00m folding model, the CLC has become the benchmark regarding admissible power. It can, therefore, be combined with any type of roller and accessories which makes it  extremely versatile. This quality to absorb the strongest forces also ensures a very long durability. The Advantages: High Horse power capacity to cope with all conditions and tractor sizes from 90 to 350 hp Universal Cultivator from  3.0 to 5.0m, working 5 to 30cm deep 3 bar frame for optimum mixing and blockage free operation Unique leg design vibrating for intensive effect in the soil but low fuel consumption Wide choice of shares, rear rollers and levelling equipment Intensive mixing of the residues Seedbed finish possible Model Working width (m) Frame No. of tines Average tine spacing Min./Max. HP CLC pro 300 3.0 rigid 10 280 120 / 240 CLC pro 350 3.5 rigid 12 280 135 / 270 CLC pro 400 4.0 rigid 14 280 165 / 300 CLC pro 400F 4.0 fold 13 290 185 / 300 CLC pro 450F 4.5 fold 15 290 190 / 325 CLC pro 500F 5.0 fold 17 290 200 / 350 For more Information please call your Local Depot

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