2020 VALTRA T234A MR19 Tractor in WALLINGFORD

Manufacturer Year
Brake Horse Power
235 HP

Premium machine, manufacturers warranty available, Competitive finance rates available, Valtra Unlimited equipment, Seat, Air suspended, Front axle suspension, Suspended cab, Comfort Air package, Black metallic, Tb / High Speed, Front axle 4WD Heavy Duty Hi-Lock with steering sensor and brakes, Steering Front mudguards, Pump, variable displacement, output 160 litres/min, Four valve package + Power Beyond, Front linkage from front valves, 1 pair of front quick coupling for front linkage, 2 pcs front valves, not with Ålö hydraulics, Top link front, telescopic, Accessory Kit, Air conditioning, automatic (Incl. Heater lower unit), Right side window wiper, Windscreen wiper,wide angle, Valtra Guide Submetre(Novatel), Power socket set, Electrical mirrors + heating, Beacon, twin, SmartTouch Extend, Taskdoc PRO, Valtra Section Control 24, 650/65R42 F + 540/65R30 F Trelleborg TM800, Unlimited rims, UNL Basic Package, UNL Painted rims, black, Located at our Southam depot

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