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Fendt Agricultural Machinery

Fendt Agricultural Machinery

Fendt is regarded as a premium tractor brand throughout the UK, in addition to being a leader in transmission technology.

It all started in the 1930s when the Fendt brothers produced the 6hp Dieselross (diesel horse) tractor in the 1930s before forming Xaver Fendt & Co in 1937, at Marktoberdorf, Germany.   

Despite its boxy lines, the Fendt tractor developed a reputation for solid build quality, reliability and durability. The Turbomatik fluid clutch system became an essential part of Fendt's early success, latterly followed by the Vario transmission in 1996. Arguably the most influential of tractor transmission developments, the Vario uses a blend of hydrostatic and mechanical drives to give seamless drive from 0-50kph with minimal power losses.

And this technology still forms the backbone of the current Fendt Vario range. Fendt also developed the GTA systems tractor in the mid 1980s, which saw the engine mounted beneath the cab floor, leaving a load platform ahead of the cab for implements and load carrying.

Fendt is now a brand of the Agco Corporation and uses a network of Fendt dealers located throughout the UK. However, all Fendt tractors from 50-360hp, continue to be developed and manufactured at Marktoberdorf, Germany.

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